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Biased piece of garbage

1 Star – August 21, 2018

Just finished watching it, and there is absolutely nothing impartial, or objective about the presentation of these “afflictions” – it portrays the people suffering from them as narcissistic, mentally ill freaks; yet, there is an increasing amount of scientific research recognizing the physical etiology for most of these illnesses, the producers chose to ignore it in favor of sensationalism. It’s a disgrace.


Horrific depiction of chronic illness

1 Star – August 21, 2018

I am saddened by the release of this doc. People with chronic illness are suffering in ways that others will never understand. How utterly cruel that the makers of this show would add to their pain. The stories were edited and skewed for the purpose of making it look like chronic illness is mental. That could not be farther from truth. People with chronic illness are rejected and misunderstood. This documentary will surely increase this.

—Brooke Stern

Bullying is wrong.

1 Star – August 20, 2018

Tell the truth behind the cause of these diseases.



1 Star – August 20, 2018

A gross misrepresentation of very real and debilitating diseases! Misrepresentation across the board. The worst of “reality” television. Shame on the producers for misleading these chronic illness warriors.

—Jessica Grossman

Total GASLIGHTING! Abusive and slanderous

1 Star – August 20, 2018

Brave individuals with chronic illnesses trusted that the producers of Afflicted where going to portray their chronic ill health, pain, suffering and search for a cure in a humane way with dignity and respect for the hopes of showing millions that’s they are not alone in the suffering of these poorly understood diseases! But instead the producers spun the story portraying them like freaks in a circus making the viewer believe they are mad nuts and it’s all in their heads! WAY TO BLAME THE VICTIM! Not to mention a slanderous way to show people who trusted you with the truth of their illnesses! WHAT A SHAME NOT TO MENTION ABUSE OF POWER!!! The producers could have helped raise awareness and research and funding for these horrible chronic illnesses but instead it will be at fault for families and relationships breaking up, more confusion about the origins of these disease, more disbelief and neglect of the patient, and the worst of all people attempting to take their own lives in despair a total another shame ! Disgusting!!

—Ali Sky

More reality show than docuseries

2 Stars – August 20, 2018

I watched all seven episodes. Although I don’t personally suffer from chronic illness, I do have a background in psychology as well as just plain common sense. It seemed obvious to me that these once-vibrant, successful, well-adjusted individuals wouldn’t voluntarily (even on a subconscious level) give up all of their health and happiness in order to be disabled, isolated, dependent, and financially ruined. Right?! I just can’t imagine that millions of people are inventing physical illnesses and destroying their lives because of psychosomatic factors. That is extremely far-fetched. The most likely explanation is that there is something unexplained going on that needs urgent attention. Frankly, the doctors who are denying the obvious are the ones who seem like they’re out of touch with reality, not the patients. The editing was baffling at times, interspersing interview clips with clearly unrelated scenes intended to make a narrative point. This was clear to me as a viewer. I rarely watch TV shows and was really disappointed that this “documentary” was actually a mis-named reality show that wasn’t really asking hard questions or identifying meaningful themes, but was instead crafting a dramatic narrative out of edited fragments. Is this was TV has become? My heart goes out to anyone suffering with chronic illness. It must be so disheartening to lose so much while also being doubted by those who should be helping you.

—Anna Pippus


1 Star – August 20, 2018

As a severe sufferer of M.E. and Fibro, of which I have suffered for many many years I’m so absolutely disgusted, hurt and shocked to have seen what the filmmakers did with ‘Afflicted’. To make a complete mockery of people who are so ill is unforgivable. As my own health continues to deteriorate while I have very little help or support and I spend every single day hoping, praying that soon, one day, maybe someone somewhere will be able to help me get some quality of life back before it’s too late. I no longer LIVE I merely exist, in this shell of a broken body and brain that just won’t work anymore. I’m so angry with the makers of this docu-series ‘Afflicted’ and how they completely misrepresented and MOCKED so many people suffering from chronic illness whilst ALSO completely leaving out so much IMPORTANT RELEVANT scientific information (that they had filmed to apparently include in the film which it seems they never had any intention of including). They totally focused on the ‘its all in their head’ bs theory and I believe that was the REAL motive behind the making of this film in the first place, I also KNOW they were dishonest and lied to these sick and suffering people, giving the impression they wanted to help them and spread awareness. The damage this film could do and has done to any progress being made for those of us fighting to be heard and believed and helped is devastating. Just when things were starting to improve recently as far as awareness, we started to believe there may be hope for people with M.E. (and other invisible chronic illnesses). I genuinely feel heartbroken over this program and sick to my stomach. We have been damaged, neglected and abused long enough, too many have lost their LIVES due to these illnesses, this is NO JOKE. To the makers of this disgusting film? HOW DARE YOU perpetuate the stigma that these illnesses are ALL IN OUR HEAD. If we were going to make something up, do you not think we’d choose an illness that would be believed? not one that we are ridiculed for despite EVIDENCE PROVING it to be a very REAL disabling, debilitating, condition. This film did nothing to raise awareness or to help anyone, it did the opposite. I just hope the damage done by these filmmakers isn’t something that prevents so many really sick and DYING people from being helped, saved and believed. If you want to see a TRUE depiction of what it’s like to live with M.E. or any chronic illness, then please watch UNREST by the amazing Jen Brea and her team. They actually made a film that TRULY DOES represent what we go through and how we suffer. CHECK THAT film out if you care about the TRUTH. ‘Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a systemic neuroimmune disease characterized by post-exertional malaise (a severe worsening of symptoms after minimal exertion). ME causes dysregulation of both the immune system and the nervous system. The effects of ME are devastating enough to leave 25 percent of patients housebound or bedbound and an estimated 75 percent unable to work. Many moderate to severe patients have a physical capacity equivalent to patients suffering from late-stage cancer or congestive heart failure. Both children and adults are affected.’ = Jen Brea – Director of Sundance award-winning Unrest. .IAmJamison .ChangetheFuture4ME .MyalgicEncephalomyelitis .ShameOnNetflix .WatchUNREST

—Ju Ju

Follow The Money

1 Star – August 20, 2018

Reviewer MJ wrote: “My questions are: Who is truly behind the making of this series? What entity has a need to depict these illnesses in such a negative light? Who is benefiting from planting such doubt and disbelief?” Who indeed. I’ll bet dollars to donuts the money trail leads back to disability insurers like UNUM. Insurance parasites usually limit “mental illness” benefits to two years. After that, the sufferer can go suck an egg, as far as they and the rest of society is concerned. So the longer these illnesses can be claimed to be “psychosomatic”, the more money they save. ME wrecked my health. Attitudes and abuse promoted by films like Afflicted wrecked my life.


Disgusting. It makes me feel sick.

1 Star – August 20, 2018

Exploiting people’s suffering for entertainment. Why does it matter if it is mental or physical illness. It is illness after all and people should be treated with respect and not made fun off. If I could I would leave no stars review.

—Neli Hogan

An Atrocious Misrepresentation

1 Star – August 20, 2018

The creators of this movie had an opportunity to tell the truth about these illnesses – these organically based, physical, and totally disabling illnesses – but instead they chose to turn this so-called docuseries into a freak show, omitting truths, opting to highlight the opinions of “medical professionals” who are skeptical of these illnesses, rather than actually using the footage provided by actual specialists and researchers who deal with these illnesses. The harm this series does to sufferers of ME, Lyme, MCS, and Mold is dangerous and unspeakable. As a collective community of people actually struggling with these diseases year after year, watching our dreams and lives slip away from us, we are in desperate need of validation, research, and treatment. To imply that our organic illnesses are psychologically based, that we might actually want to have our diseases, that our diseases are not physical in nature with a physical underlying cause is beyond insulting. I can only imagine the disappointment of the people who actually agreed to be in this “documentary” upon seeing the final product, because I am positive that the sacrifices they made in participating in this atrocity, hoping to shed light on these illnesses, took an incredible toll on their health. I would love to see the producers of this film suffer for one day with ME or Lyme or Mold or MCS, and then hear their opinion on these illnesses. Unacceptable. Disguesting. Harmful. Terrible. I am so sorry for Jamison and the others for this.

—Danielle Grilli

Lots of misleading interpretations

1 Star – August 20, 2018

I can understand why all the ME/CFS, Lyme, MCS patients are upset and hurt by this documentary and want to have it taken away from the screen. I had a nightmare just watching this since the whole series are projecting people’s reality as if it were a horror movie. I respect all the patients and families who support those patients and they have no faults but sincerely showing their real life and feelings. But the film interviewed those doctors who think these illnesses are psychosomatic, when everyone knows these illnesses are real physical illnesses. ME is a neurological illness, not just a bunch of symptoms. The researchers all over the world are finding the evidence of inflammation of brain and immune irregularities in ME patients. The music are projecting those illnesses to be very scary and crazy. However, the stories of each patient were real and I learned what sort of therapies are available in USA, which was useful. Why don’t you redo the whole thing, changing the music and reconsider not interviewing those doctors who don’t believe in these illnesses as they could impact lots of suffering patients. Why would you want to harm them even more? What is your purpose? Instead, we would like to hear more from those doctors who believe and treat the patients.


Where’s the science?

August 20, 2018

1 Star – There are many credible researchers who are making great strides in understanding some of these illnesses. Why weren’t they interviewed for this film?



1 Star – August 20, 2018

yes I spend my entire life deconditioning in my bed staring at the same four walls constantly in pain and now use a wheelchair due to postural tachycardia at 22 when I used to be a regional athlete because of some deep suppressed trauma that I cannot remember thanks Netflix you nailed it! Love the cinematography though, great shots of the desert and out of focus lights in the dark, you really nailed the reality of chronic illness


If you enjoy watching someone kicking a sick dog you will love this

1 Star – August 20, 2018

The producers took what was to be a documentary to help deeply sick people bring awareness to chronic illness, and then did a switch on what the focus should have been. Done for ratings. Poor judgement and terrible. Lack of empathy for the sick. It is deeply unethical to the sick people whom gave energy they really couldn’t spare to bring awareness, only to be mocked. When producers think it’s ok to take advantage of kind sick people hopefully they won’t be around too long. Not worth your time to watch. Super depressing due to rating seeking producers, you missed out on a chance to make a great show. Kudos to the patients whom did the right thing! High respect for you!!






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