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1.41.4 out of 5 stars (based on 102 reviews)
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What was the purpose?

March 4, 2020

Why didn’t you help these people? They agreed to help you document different “Afflictions”. They agreed to go on camera and discuss their illness. They did this so you would help them! Why did you not help them? Where is the doctors at to help them? Where are the blood tests to see if they can detox correctly? Did you not want to help them? How sad of a show, when you cannot go above and beyond–to educate all of us out here on what to do or who to send ourselves to or our family member that goes through this chronic illness. Where is your documentary on mold, what mold does to a human brain, what mold does to a human body? The science is there, but doctors are not yet. So endless people suffer, endless people receive no help. Why can’t you help those who truly suffer mold poisoning. Half the people that end up with so called illnesses are more than likely due to mold. If Netflix is so encouraging on helping…then do what is right and educate the public on mold poisoning. It is sad that you just did not do it to these people on the show but to several others in life. Truly sickening Netflix creators. Do what is right and inform America the effects/affects of mold!

larry Wright


January 25, 2019

I feel different ways about the different subjects in this documentary. I feel that some may be more based on physical health as opposed to mental health. With that being said I think it is sad that they did not focus more on the mental health aspect of their well being. The liability of their illness either way has a huge impact on their mental health. How could they not be impacted mentally if they are unable to leave there home. Im disappointment that they did not focus more on alternative mental health therapies such as EMDR treatment.

Melinda Vesely

Narcissism at its finest

January 19, 2019

After skimming a few reviews, I noticed that many of the low-star reviews are from folks who were critical of Netflix’s shady editing job. I guess there are a lot of “sick” people out there, who felt as if this documentary did them an injustice, inaccurately portraying the sick community as a bunch of attention-seekers. On the other hand, I really do feel there are chronically ill people- like war veterans (my Father having died of Agent Orange poisoning and four different types of heart and lung disease), in addition to civilians who have been heartbreakingly exposed to toxic chemicals (i.e. Chernobyl, Love Canal). But these seven characters- who Netflix portrays in their documentary series, are none of the above. Netflix follows seven people who all claim to be “chronically ill,” but it seems they suffer more from mental illness- and/or a desire to be validated with their respective illness(es). Of course, this doesn’t make them any less ill, but it’s hard to find empathy from these characters, who end up spending into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for alternative treatments. With that being said, Jake, one the of “ill” characters in the docu-series, seems uplifted at the end, despite still feeling sick. He claimed that he had been living a “narcissistic” life, and it was his time to give back to his family and girlfriend (who had all supported him during his illness). That sentence really resonated with me, because I felt that was the one trait all of the Netflix characters had in common: narcissism. Their type of illness(es) are, quite honestly, a luxury. I’ve never heard of any blue-collar/low income family with mold sensitivity or Lyme disease (to their levels). Additionally, the one factor that ALL of the characters had in common- a willing (often naive) enabler. In a forest of illness, does a sick tree actually make a sound if noone is there to hear them? My answer- an emphatic “no.” Without their respective enablers, none of these characters (with the exception of Carmen, who needed no affirmations) would have a sick leg to stand on. These enablers keep of footing the bills of their expensive (not covered by insurance) bills, snake oil treatments, witch doctors, and various “professionals” who finesse the system and take advantage of people and their money. I realize Netflix did a lot of editing to shape the docu-drama (in order to make it more interesting). But at the end of the day, the characters are just that- characters. Even with an ounce of truth, they’re still self-absorbed narcissists. I don’t know many people who can invest that kind of time (and money) into their own health and wellness. For those who can- and feel the need to do so, this documentary is a good example of it.



October 24, 2018

I’ve got m.e. Poor taste guys.

Allison b

Later much, Netflix!

October 19, 2018

What a Schdick of dreck. Oh wait, that should have been a Capital D, sorry, Jamison.

Olivia Douge

Great Entertainment

September 19, 2018

Watching this show makes me feel great about my own life. People love attention and playing the constant victim enables this behavior. I feel bad for the poor people suffering because of their mental problems.

William H

On The Fence

September 15, 2018

I haven’t watched the full series as of yet but from what I have seen so far, none of this is a cut and dry situation. EMS has ( in very high amounts) been known to cause issues in some people, the majority of which was reported to be insomnia, headaches, and brain fog. I found myself rolling my eyes at the screen as Carmen goes on and on about lights, and phones, the stove, and the crews’ equipment etc. Many posts have been made about the people in the film being taken advantage of and made to appear crazy, but they were willing participants who in all likelihood signed contracts which they should have read carefully. I know that mold allergies are very real as I recently found out I had them as well, but I don’t see how living in the middle of sand and dust and all the types of things that grow there wouldn’t bother someone who needs to wear a gas mask to go to the store. I can say I’ve never heard a mold allergy manifesting itself as oral hemorrhaging. Lyme disease is known to cause excessive joint pain and can alter mental state if it’s left untreated. Jamison seems to be the easiest one to figure out.. car accident and injury- forced him to be unable to continue his usual fitness/ health routine.. this is clinical depression. The excessive sleep, the lack of energy, the weakness .. all contribute to more pain and even less movement. He has so much pain that he prefers not to talk, yet he doesn’t seem to have any issues getting calories into his body. And he wants doctors to come to him.. however, with help he is very capable of getting into a car and being driven to seek medical assistance. He blogged that the series didn’t show him doing the multitude of treatments and was bothered by that. None of the treatments were in the form of anti anxiety/ depression medication, nor had there been mentioned that he tried any (at least not as of where I have stopped watching so far). The woman with the laundry list of diagnoses did seem to have some type of facial nerve damage, and celiac disease.. however drinking alcohol with a malfunctioning liver doesn’t exactly look right. And hyperbaric chambers are most helpful in cases of encouraging open wounds to heal and raising oxygen saturations in the blood when they are low.. Which there is no way to tell without doing a blood gas or having the monitor that rests on the finger. This is why I feel like this series shows people who have real issues.. but I don’t think they are exactly for the reasons they believe they have the issues.



September 12, 2018

This series distorted the experience of very sick people, painting a picture of them as mentally ill opportunists. This was done with clever editing and by using sound bites from doctors who had never examined these patients and didn’t specialize in their illness. In 20 years, when these illnesses are more fully understood and scientifically validated, we are going to look back on this series and see how truly horrifying and abusive it was to these people. Imagine treating someone with cancer the way this series treats its’ subjects. Inexusible.


Worst of the worst

August 27, 2018

Abuse of sick people is not entertainment, it’s criminal.

K. Neiderer

Why destroy lives? What is the reason?

August 26, 2018

First let me say that I have lost most of the last 14 years of my life to Lyme disease, reactivated Epstein Barr, mold illness, and yes, I did have symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and when I go through some new scan machines in the airport I feel very sick and have to lie down for several hours (EMF sensitivity). And I feel better when treating my actual physical problems, not by going to a psychiatrist. When I saw Afflicted, the first thing that came to mind was “Why?” Why go to such extents, spend – what, $3 millions? $1 million? even if they were on a budget, just to make a bunch of people look bad? The “bunch of people” in question is the several millions suffering from lesser understood (NOT even rare) diseases like ME/CFS, MCS, mold illness, who already lost their health and any quality of life, their career, often their family, are completely abandoned both by the social system and by the medical system (and let’s not forget, sometimes they DIE because of that), and the only hope they have to get any kind of financial help is to accept a diagnosis of mental problems WHICH THEY DON’T HAVE. That deeply wrong, abusive bully diagnosis will always get in the way of receiving proper care and will never encourage the research sorely needed in that direction. The fact that most sufferers will receive that diagnosis at least once (more likely, 20 times) in the course of their search for proper care, which usually lasts years and dozens or hundreds of thousands $$$$, indicates how the medical system is inadequate to treat the mounting chronic disease cases, due to many environmental factors, Western food industry and pill popping culture. Many millions all over the world suffer daily, live unimaginably horrid lives and will die prematurely because of this. It’s a sad state of affairs, probably linked to financial hidden agendas (big Pharma is pushing their pills, doctors don’t receive a decent education anymore, insurance companies push their private interests over the health of people, blah blah) what strikes me as very weird is WHY would anyone make a whole TV show to further damage those who already have lost everything, including dignity and the right to basic empathy. I feel like going back to that awful series and watch carefully the end titles and try to understand who actually financed it. Because it could very well be just a dumb move of some brain-dead producers to exploit the shock factor of some lesser known diseases they read about in one of the purposely misinformed shit articles in the DailyMail and such. But there isn’t much interest in there, and it goes against any kind of narrative wisdom to portray the protagonists as sad weak-minded hysterical losers (who wants to watch a series about those?!) instead of proud fighters. Also it makes no sense to cut out all the time-costing interviews with the actual experts and show in the episodes only some ignorant GP and some equally ignorant and evil psychiatrist. This seriously feels like a manoeuvre of some kind to spread untrue information to support the “it’s all in your head” view, which deeply damages millions of human beings BUT will indeed save quite a few bucks to insurance companies. When I got sick 14 years ago, whenever I spoke with long-term patients I would hear so many conspiracy theories. At the time I thought they had gone crazy with too much suffering. After 14 years on and off, after researching the internet for an average of 20 hours per week for the last 14 years, it doesn’t feel like theories anymore. The silence is too deafening, there is something going on. I wonder where this disgusting piece of misinformation that is Afflicted places itself in this scenario. Shame on you Netflix, it’s like you produced a series that mocked dying AIDS patients. They started getting some sympathy at the turn of the 1990s, when will patients sick and dying with chronic diseases created by modernity will get any sympathy? (and actual research and help). Actually I bet that will happen very soon, and this series will be something shameful on Netflix’s record, something to hide and feel guilty about. Please stop hurting people and take this trash off the internet. Thank you for reading.

Valentina Rao

The real story found elsewhere-

August 24, 2018

Kristen Walton

So much Empathy for those Exploited by this "Documentory"

August 23, 2018

2 stars because I love and believe in every one of these people despite every effort to discredit them. Had I not battled with serious illness unbelieved I don’t know that I would have come to the same conclusion. The way everyone is framed validates all those dreadful little ableist thoughts people sometimes think. “They are just lazy, manipulative, crazy” “The Best way to help them is too Not Help” Like WAT? Ya’ll. Although I don’t think it likely that this is a psyop to cut lifesaving benefits to chronically ill and disabled people. It May as Fucking well Be. No one could compile this with good intentions. And it’s Impact is clear. Seriously Sick people will be left to Die Alone, Being told it is their Fault. And my heart cries for us. Reparations to the subjects must be made. This piece is packed with lies and must be takes down or completely re-edited by different hands (at the discretion of the subjects). I’m Considering the power of truth and lies. In this age of re-surging eugenics you can never take this sort of propaganda too seriously.

Eli Rain

This is deplorable (to put it mildly).

August 23, 2018

I’m saddened. Sickened. Disappointed. Shocked. And cancelling my Netflix because I’m so disgusted by this show and what I read in Pilar’s account of the making of this garbage. First, I do not believe for a second that these people are suffering from mental illness that wasn’t caused by physical illness. It’s not likely that anyone could survive years of these invisible illnesses and the resulting loss without having mental issues! But mental issues are not the cause and this ‘documentary’ is not focused on helping anyone. It’s purpose is to take advantage of this crazy Trump-era in which people love to HATE and spread their hate with insults and ridicule – which somehow makes them feel good. The world is such a shitty place in some ways and this show just took it to a whole new low. SHAME ON YOU. It could be you. If Karma is real – it will be you.


Abuse of weak people by people who think they are physically ill

August 23, 2018

I saw no evidence of physical illness, only mental whilst watching this show. Perhaps that was Netflix’s intention but I come away feeling sorry for the partners, family and friends of the participants. I witnessed incredible selfishness from the subjects, all seemed to refute mental illness diagnosis. Star complained of liver problems but was rarely seen without a glass of wine or prosecco. Star getting an ionic foot bath, which is straight up snake oil. Bekah who clearly has serious anxiety issues and perhaps an abusive past. Moving to the dry Sonoran desert is rife with fungus & mold spores, including coccidioidomycosis is as mental as her condition. Bekah’s home should be in a psych unit where the correct treatment is offered, her boyfriend and brother unfortuately and unwittingly seem to prefer enabling her delusional state. Pilar is on a new level of narcissism, issues arose from a gas leak but were more to do with her rapidly approaching her 30’s and needing excuses to explain her performing badly against her own expectations. I cried for her husband, his life totally devastated by her spending on fake medicine and quacks on $6.75 per min phone chats. Carmen was shocking too, total nonesense that was evidenced so many times by lack of issues unless a meter was popped out. Psychiatric treatment is all she needs, accepting that will be what returns her life and family to normal. I hope this show goes on to help other people with Hypochondria and psychosomatic illnesses, and that those around them stop enabling the subjects and get them the help they need.


Completely Misleading

August 22, 2018

“Afflicted” doesn’t even deserve one star! This was not a documentary at all. The editing was just horrendous, showing only the story that the producers wanted to tell, which was to say that all those featured in the show were hypochondriacs. This could NOT be further from the truth! These folks are seriously ill, and they have not yet gotten the answers from the medical community as to how to get better. The doctors in the show did a HUGE disservice to sufferers of MCS, ME, CFS, EMF sensitivity, mold sensitivity, and all the other illnesses that they are suffering from. Instead of taking a serious look at these illnesses and actually HELPING those who are sick, they blithely blew them off by saying it was all in their head. Loathsome. Truly loathsome. I suggest that someone needs to follow the money to determine why this amazingly stupid slant was taken in this show. Who was really behind hiring these producers, telling them the approach they needed to take? Purely shameful on the part of Netflix, this one. It needs to be pulled and thrown in the rubbish. I will be canceling my subscription and letting the company know why.


Total garbage

August 22, 2018

Abusive, sickening mess. Read the statements by the duped participants on Twitter or Medium. Lies from Afflicted producers from start to finish. If anyone at Netflix has a shred of integrity, you will take this “documentary” down and replace it with an apology and the footage you shot of real scientists explaining these complex diseases and the hell sufferers go through to be believed (remember, that’s what you promised the participants). Much harm done.

Shelby Rallis

Show Sets a Dangerous Precedent

August 22, 2018

I have watched the entire series in abject horror. As someone who has been chemically sensitive for thirty years, mold sensitive since the early 1990s, electrically sensitive for five years, and chronically fatigued for the past two years, I come from a place of tremendous experience and research. To ignore the science which clearly shows the dangers of chemicals and the impacts that they have on the human body, the studies which show the dangers of mold, and the studies which continue to point to the very real dangers of EMFs in favor of portraying the chronically ill as suffering from mental disorders and the desire for attention and coddling is ludicrous and insulting. This series does a tremendous disservice to all of those suffering from chronic illness. In addition, it makes it seem that all of the chronically ill have family members to dote on them and work excessively to meet their financial needs and support them in their pursuit of ridiculously expensive treatments. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of us are living without a strong family and friend support network. Many of us struggle simply to afford basic food and housing. Pursuing treatments and supplement regimens that cost tens of thousands of dollars, or in the case of Star, millions, is simply beyond our reach. Many of us struggle quietly, and alone, day in and day out, just to make it through the day while the world around us becomes increasingly more toxic. This series could have shined a light on our toxic world and the need to change how we live and the industries that we support. It could have advocated for greater awareness and the need for accessible healing options. It could have advocated for an expanded medical disability program so that the chronically ill could obtain benefits and assistance. Sadly, none of this happened. Instead we are left with the message that there is nothing to see here folks, it was just “all in their head.” Proceed living your lives as you were. In a wider sense this series is appropriate for the lies and distortion we see all around us in the age of Trump. If someone wants to see the real science behind the dangers of chemicals perhaps they might want to consult Dr. Claudia Miller’s works, Dr. David Carpenter, Dr. Theron Randolph, Samuel Milham, Olle Johansson, and Jolie Jones of Jolie Talks. Maybe someone even would like to look at the recent Round-Up lawsuit. Would they tell Dewayne Johnson that his lymphoma from Round-Up was “all in his head”? Or should we be looking to alter the chemicals and other environmental pollution that is having a real negative impact on humans, animals, and the environment at large?

janine mcnamara

Exploitation of ill people

August 22, 2018

Subjects of this “documentary” were misled and exploited. The narrative was shifted so we healthy people can feel superior and make ourselves feel good by judging them. They were used like circus animals to entertain instead of telling their true stories.

M. Miosic

The Lowest Form of Television

August 22, 2018

I thought that in this day and age, when we’re supposed to be a civilized society with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws… that turning the pain and suffering of disabled people into a “freak show” for profit, was a thing of the very distant past. Not so it seems. This show is damaging everybody affected by chronic illness. It’s damaging the already marginalized sufferers, their loved ones, and the medical professionals who have had the guts to recognize the growing problem that these illnesses have become even if their peers won’t. I am sick… very, very sick. I too have lost friends, possessions, and all my savings, whilst continually being ridiculed and put down. Now, ever since this show aired, and people started posting about it… every time I log into social media I am reminded of just how big our army of able-bodied doubters and haters really is. This show has frightened me. On a personal level, I am afraid that the abusers in my own life may have watched it, and that it has in effect renewed their license to bully. I am afraid for all chronic illness sufferers who were on the brink before this, and just couldn’t take one more thing. And my heart goes out to the participants of Afflicted, who thought they were doing something positive for all sufferers, but instead were made to look like buffoons in a show that was put together with smoke and mirrors. I don’t understand how Netflix could be so irresponsible. This show should never have been aired on any platform.



August 22, 2018

These peoples issues stem from a variety of sources: – generally poor detoxification genetics (MTHFR) – weakened immune system (gut microbiome issues (70% of immune function resides in the gut wall) and parasites and poor Vit D genetics) – excess stressors to the point that the straw that broke the camels back arrived and has left them physiologically unable to further compensate from the total body burden they are carrying (which includes toxic metals, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, biotoxins (from molds), toxin producing gut bacteria and parasites, excess biofilm with pathogenic bacterias, protozoan, virus, and EMF overload alongside a trauma history (see ACEs study)). – the honest truth is being in this state is quite traumatic and that trauma drives an intense focus on the fear of more symptomology which results in hyperfocusing on everything already gone wrong and a constant scanning for the next thing that will arise. – these are not psychosomatic ailments but they produce a brain state that can possibly perpetuate and increase symptoms and there are numerous approaches to learn brain regulation to minimize those patterns like the and as well as neurofeedback with explicit modalities that enhance the glial cells and glymphatic function (lymph system of the brain). – while these help the brain process but do nothing to address the total body burden issues which are REAL, its just that traditional allopathic medicine does not currently utilize approaches to effectively identify and detox the patient. Do you know how to assess for metals toxicity or chemical toxicity or biotoxin toxicity once the body has stored the goods in its fatty tissue? And what approaches do you have in your toolkit to support detoxification, whereas integrative practitioners will utilize any from a long list of chelators, binders, colonics (if you don’t get the sh*t out quickly, it just gets re-absorbed from the colon), far and near infra red light therapy (sauna/laser/…), frequency approaches (read about the scientist/MD Nogier and his discoveries which have been used by NASA and in medical equipment for many years already), ionic footbaths (yes, the good ones actually do result in increased secretion of toxins for 72 hours following use), vibroacoustic therapy and even sound therapy. – on top of the toxins, in the body’s weakened state, viruses and bacteria and even mycoplasma (cell wall deficient bacteria) will proliferate and take residence in biofilms which are difficult for the immune system to penetrate and this is where the epidemic of chronic lyme and long term viral conditions are perpetuated, as there is insufficient immune function to beat that stuff back. – the case portrayals left something to be desired in my opinion, however these people are suffering and when you are dissed by the medical community the smarter and more able or supported or persistent people move on to seek out other options. Sadly gaining an understanding of root cause, something that allopathic medicine generally does not even broach as it focuses on symptom suppression with pharmaceuticals, is obviously even harder for the complex chronic illness client to grasp, so they are left to “trying” all sorts of things with the hope of finding something(s) that help them – it is financially devastating, destroys relationships and leaves the sufferer a hostage in a world that ignores and/or ridicules them. Fear is compounded and compounded and compounded. I would encourage every medically trained individual to find and befriend a home bound chronically ill person and undertake the research to help them – just one person – research with an open mind – research emerging approaches in medicine and in wellness – the current and growing specialty of integrative physicians have been touched by someone in their circles and expanded their view, it will be an amazing world when that becomes the majority. You also have the chance to learn how to help people shift their focus, to trust again that they are being heard even when you don’t have an answer, being humane even when you can’t possibly imagine what someone is experiencing…

Jackie deVries

Misrepresentation of Serious Conditions

August 22, 2018

The series AFFLICTED offers a sensationalized view of real life struggling individuals inferring was little proof that their conditions are quite likely mental illnesses. It seems likely this approach was taken not to reflect Compassion or education but rather to attract people who like this type of sensationalized view point. It is sad to think that the people represented in this program have been misrepresented and are likely not happy with this production and how they have been taken advantage of.


Misrepresentation of chronic illness

August 21, 2018

This show is such a disappointment. The narrative was clearly shifted away from these folks suffering from chronic illness, to the idea that they’re all incredibly mentally ill, and these issues are “just in their heads”. I live with chronic illness, and am incredibly disappointed.

Jamila Hammami

So biased

August 21, 2018

It’s very sad to see the producers of this series thought it would be “ok” to use people’s serious illness to create “entertainment”. I have first hand knowledge of this immune dysfunction illness called Chronic Inflamatory Response Syndrome which Bekah and Jill both had. I don’t know as much about the other illnesses but I do know that with CIRS finding doctors who are trained is difficult but they do exist and the blood tests and treatments are legit but because these illnesses (chronic Lyme, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well) have been discredited by predjudice and ignorance in the general population, medical professionals and insurance companies people not only suffer due to their illness they also end up financially devastated because they have to pay for treatments out of pocket. I think we need to pay attention to who benefits from this slander. Of course people seek treatment. Wouldn’t you if you could not function and were in pain? Of course people take care of these people Don’t you expect loved ones to do that if they had cancer? Of course stress plays a role. Who wouldn’t be stressed dealing with an illness that requires out of pocket costs? This series did not even tell the whole story. For example Star has been mocked on social media for being a hypochondriac because she had so many diagnosises and spent so much money in treatments. But what the show does not make clear is that when she finally got the RIGHT diagnosis (Lyme Disease) she got better. Why wasn’t her recovery highlighted and the misguided docs who gave her the incorrect diagnosis highlighted? Instead they chose to highlight her constant “crazy” treatments and how much money she was spending. Making her seem like a total fool. When in reality it was her doctors who weren’t up on the research about what her real problem was that were the real fools. I know several people and myself included that are dealing with this. These diseases are known to mimick many other diseases but when your in network doc tells you what he/she thinks you have it’s usually because they have a drug treatment for it. They fit your diagnosis to the drugs they have. Period. This show could have been educational. These are not made up illnesses. These peoples lives are ruined by insurance companies that deny coverage. If this were CANCER wouldn’t you expect the tone of this show to be quite different??? Unbelievable. This film is propaganda as far as I’m concerned. If Netflix wanted “drama” and that’s all this was about, they could have had plenty of that by going after the incompetent doctors who kept these people sick for years by not addressing the real problem and forcing them to seek alternatives. That would have been good drama. But no they went after the suffering souls. Some say it’s just a matter of they wanted good TV. I think it might be more nefarious than that.


Wrong on so many levels

August 21, 2018

I could tell right from the start that the filmmakers had chosen only relatively privileged patients in the 25-45 age range, interesting and sometimes quirky people, who happen to suffer from truly real, physiological conditions. The way the series is cut and edited, it appears scripted at times, like reality TV. Anyone who thinks that people with misunderstood medical conditions might be “doing this to themselves,” even subconsciously, doesn’t realize that there are millions of ill, suffering people WITHOUT the attention, family support or financial means to do what the people in the series are doing. A large number of people surviving with ME, for example, do not have family who care or anyone to live with at all. They are unable to see friends or leave the house to seek treatment. If the series wanted to show the reality of MCS or Lyme, for example, it could shed light on how neglected many chronically ill people really are. There are also young teens who become ill who are more “normal” than anyone we see in the series. This film will do a great job of further stigmatizing people with certain sensitive conditions. It will continue the harmful narrative that even proven physiological conditions might actually be some sort of mental illness. It will turn skeptical people in the lives of the chronically ill into people who no longer provide any proper emotional support. Purely psychological “treatments” such as denial therapy and positive thinking will not help people and will hurt many, except the practitioners who reap huge sums of money from the desperately ill.


Victim Status and persecution syndrome

August 21, 2018

The only problem I see with the series is no one called out these “doctors”, who are out there treating people with outrageously false, and potentially dangerous therapies. That’s fairly mad. As for the people. It’s terrible they are sick, but I think that they seem to enjoy being cared for, and doted on. It gives them purpose and meaning. Folks love to play victim. As evidenced by the reviews of this show. Six adults who probably shouldn’t have signed up, but who chose to be filmed are not upset with the idea that a network chose profit and sensationalism over actual people. Come on… they can’t be that thick. Own your mistake of participating and move on.


Biased piece of garbage

August 21, 2018

Just finished watching it, and there is absolutely nothing impartial, or objective about the presentation of these “afflictions” – it portrays the people suffering from them as narcissistic, mentally ill freaks; yet, there is an increasing amount of scientific research recognizing the physical etiology for most of these illnesses, the producers chose to ignore it in favor of sensationalism. It’s a disgrace.


Horrific depiction of chronic illness

August 21, 2018

I am saddened by the release of this doc. People with chronic illness are suffering in ways that others will never understand. How utterly cruel that the makers of this show would add to their pain. The stories were edited and skewed for the purpose of making it look like chronic illness is mental. That could not be farther from truth. People with chronic illness are rejected and misunderstood. This documentary will surely increase this.

Brooke Stern

Bullying is wrong.

August 20, 2018

Tell the truth behind the cause of these diseases.



August 20, 2018

A gross misrepresentation of very real and debilitating diseases! Misrepresentation across the board. The worst of “reality” television. Shame on the producers for misleading these chronic illness warriors.

Jessica Grossman

Total GASLIGHTING! Abusive and slanderous

August 20, 2018

Brave individuals with chronic illnesses trusted that the producers of Afflicted where going to portray their chronic ill health, pain, suffering and search for a cure in a humane way with dignity and respect for the hopes of showing millions that’s they are not alone in the suffering of these poorly understood diseases! But instead the producers spun the story portraying them like freaks in a circus making the viewer believe they are mad nuts and it’s all in their heads! WAY TO BLAME THE VICTIM! Not to mention a slanderous way to show people who trusted you with the truth of their illnesses! WHAT A SHAME NOT TO MENTION ABUSE OF POWER!!! The producers could have helped raise awareness and research and funding for these horrible chronic illnesses but instead it will be at fault for families and relationships breaking up, more confusion about the origins of these disease, more disbelief and neglect of the patient, and the worst of all people attempting to take their own lives in despair a total another shame ! Disgusting!!

Ali Sky

More reality show than docuseries

August 20, 2018

I watched all seven episodes. Although I don’t personally suffer from chronic illness, I do have a background in psychology as well as just plain common sense. It seemed obvious to me that these once-vibrant, successful, well-adjusted individuals wouldn’t voluntarily (even on a subconscious level) give up all of their health and happiness in order to be disabled, isolated, dependent, and financially ruined. Right?! I just can’t imagine that millions of people are inventing physical illnesses and destroying their lives because of psychosomatic factors. That is extremely far-fetched. The most likely explanation is that there is something unexplained going on that needs urgent attention. Frankly, the doctors who are denying the obvious are the ones who seem like they’re out of touch with reality, not the patients. The editing was baffling at times, interspersing interview clips with clearly unrelated scenes intended to make a narrative point. This was clear to me as a viewer. I rarely watch TV shows and was really disappointed that this “documentary” was actually a mis-named reality show that wasn’t really asking hard questions or identifying meaningful themes, but was instead crafting a dramatic narrative out of edited fragments. Is this was TV has become? My heart goes out to anyone suffering with chronic illness. It must be so disheartening to lose so much while also being doubted by those who should be helping you.

Anna Pippus


August 20, 2018

As a severe sufferer of M.E. and Fibro, of which I have suffered for many many years I’m so absolutely disgusted, hurt and shocked to have seen what the filmmakers did with ‘Afflicted’. To make a complete mockery of people who are so ill is unforgivable. As my own health continues to deteriorate while I have very little help or support and I spend every single day hoping, praying that soon, one day, maybe someone somewhere will be able to help me get some quality of life back before it’s too late. I no longer LIVE I merely exist, in this shell of a broken body and brain that just won’t work anymore. I’m so angry with the makers of this docu-series ‘Afflicted’ and how they completely misrepresented and MOCKED so many people suffering from chronic illness whilst ALSO completely leaving out so much IMPORTANT RELEVANT scientific information (that they had filmed to apparently include in the film which it seems they never had any intention of including). They totally focused on the ‘its all in their head’ bs theory and I believe that was the REAL motive behind the making of this film in the first place, I also KNOW they were dishonest and lied to these sick and suffering people, giving the impression they wanted to help them and spread awareness. The damage this film could do and has done to any progress being made for those of us fighting to be heard and believed and helped is devastating. Just when things were starting to improve recently as far as awareness, we started to believe there may be hope for people with M.E. (and other invisible chronic illnesses). I genuinely feel heartbroken over this program and sick to my stomach. We have been damaged, neglected and abused long enough, too many have lost their LIVES due to these illnesses, this is NO JOKE. To the makers of this disgusting film? HOW DARE YOU perpetuate the stigma that these illnesses are ALL IN OUR HEAD. If we were going to make something up, do you not think we’d choose an illness that would be believed? not one that we are ridiculed for despite EVIDENCE PROVING it to be a very REAL disabling, debilitating, condition. This film did nothing to raise awareness or to help anyone, it did the opposite. I just hope the damage done by these filmmakers isn’t something that prevents so many really sick and DYING people from being helped, saved and believed. If you want to see a TRUE depiction of what it’s like to live with M.E. or any chronic illness, then please watch UNREST by the amazing Jen Brea and her team. They actually made a film that TRULY DOES represent what we go through and how we suffer. CHECK THAT film out if you care about the TRUTH. ‘Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a systemic neuroimmune disease characterized by post-exertional malaise (a severe worsening of symptoms after minimal exertion). ME causes dysregulation of both the immune system and the nervous system. The effects of ME are devastating enough to leave 25 percent of patients housebound or bedbound and an estimated 75 percent unable to work. Many moderate to severe patients have a physical capacity equivalent to patients suffering from late-stage cancer or congestive heart failure. Both children and adults are affected.’ = Jen Brea – Director of Sundance award-winning Unrest. .IAmJamison .ChangetheFuture4ME .MyalgicEncephalomyelitis .ShameOnNetflix .WatchUNREST

Ju Ju

Follow The Money

August 20, 2018

Reviewer MJ wrote: “My questions are: Who is truly behind the making of this series? What entity has a need to depict these illnesses in such a negative light? Who is benefiting from planting such doubt and disbelief?” Who indeed. I’ll bet dollars to donuts the money trail leads back to disability insurers like UNUM. Insurance parasites usually limit “mental illness” benefits to two years. After that, the sufferer can go suck an egg, as far as they and the rest of society is concerned. So the longer these illnesses can be claimed to be “psychosomatic”, the more money they save. ME wrecked my health. Attitudes and abuse promoted by films like Afflicted wrecked my life.


Disgusting. It makes me feel sick.

August 20, 2018

Exploiting people’s suffering for entertainment. Why does it matter if it is mental or physical illness. It is illness after all and people should be treated with respect and not made fun off. If I could I would leave no stars review.

Neli Hogan

An Atrocious Misrepresentation

August 20, 2018

The creators of this movie had an opportunity to tell the truth about these illnesses – these organically based, physical, and totally disabling illnesses – but instead they chose to turn this so-called docuseries into a freak show, omitting truths, opting to highlight the opinions of “medical professionals” who are skeptical of these illnesses, rather than actually using the footage provided by actual specialists and researchers who deal with these illnesses. The harm this series does to sufferers of ME, Lyme, MCS, and Mold is dangerous and unspeakable. As a collective community of people actually struggling with these diseases year after year, watching our dreams and lives slip away from us, we are in desperate need of validation, research, and treatment. To imply that our organic illnesses are psychologically based, that we might actually want to have our diseases, that our diseases are not physical in nature with a physical underlying cause is beyond insulting. I can only imagine the disappointment of the people who actually agreed to be in this “documentary” upon seeing the final product, because I am positive that the sacrifices they made in participating in this atrocity, hoping to shed light on these illnesses, took an incredible toll on their health. I would love to see the producers of this film suffer for one day with ME or Lyme or Mold or MCS, and then hear their opinion on these illnesses. Unacceptable. Disguesting. Harmful. Terrible. I am so sorry for Jamison and the others for this.

Danielle Grilli

Lots of misleading interpretations

August 20, 2018

I can understand why all the ME/CFS, Lyme, MCS patients are upset and hurt by this documentary and want to have it taken away from the screen. I had a nightmare just watching this since the whole series are projecting people’s reality as if it were a horror movie. I respect all the patients and families who support those patients and they have no faults but sincerely showing their real life and feelings. But the film interviewed those doctors who think these illnesses are psychosomatic, when everyone knows these illnesses are real physical illnesses. ME is a neurological illness, not just a bunch of symptoms. The researchers all over the world are finding the evidence of inflammation of brain and immune irregularities in ME patients. The music are projecting those illnesses to be very scary and crazy. However, the stories of each patient were real and I learned what sort of therapies are available in USA, which was useful. Why don’t you redo the whole thing, changing the music and reconsider not interviewing those doctors who don’t believe in these illnesses as they could impact lots of suffering patients. Why would you want to harm them even more? What is your purpose? Instead, we would like to hear more from those doctors who believe and treat the patients.


Where’s the science?

August 20, 2018

There are many credible researchers who are making great strides in understanding some of these illnesses. Why weren’t they interviewed for this film?



August 20, 2018

yes I spend my entire life deconditioning in my bed staring at the same four walls constantly in pain and now use a wheelchair due to postural tachycardia at 22 when I used to be a regional athlete because of some deep suppressed trauma that I cannot remember thanks Netflix you nailed it! Love the cinematography though, great shots of the desert and out of focus lights in the dark, you really nailed the reality of chronic illness


If you enjoy watching someone kicking a sick dog you will love this

August 20, 2018

The producers took what was to be a documentary to help deeply sick people bring awareness to chronic illness, and then did a switch on what the focus should have been. Done for ratings. Poor judgement and terrible. Lack of empathy for the sick. It is deeply unethical to the sick people whom gave energy they really couldn’t spare to bring awareness, only to be mocked. When producers think it’s ok to take advantage of kind sick people hopefully they won’t be around too long. Not worth your time to watch. Super depressing due to rating seeking producers, you missed out on a chance to make a great show. Kudos to the patients whom did the right thing! High respect for you!!



August 20, 2018

The stories of the patients and their medical journeys to health were quite interesting. However, the constant bringing up of the question of whether these diseases were psychogenic or organic was very tiresome and misleading. This question has long ago be definitively in the peer-reviewed medical literature- these diseases are organic (physical) not psychogenic.

Justin Reilly


August 20, 2018

I filmed that area and group. I am appalled by the attribution of character they portrayed. Get it together, Filmmakers. Really, like you did not realize I would be there:)

Kelly M Desmore

Deceptive Editing

August 20, 2018

It could have been so good. It captured the pain and anguish of the chronically ill. But the way they misrepresented the diseases and suggested a purely psychological cause was really disgusting.

Andrew Warren

Poor Representation of Chronic Pain Sufferers

August 20, 2018

Truly disappointed! This show perpetuates the same old stigma that the pain is all in the patients’ heads. For a detailed review and more accurate representation of what chronic pain sufferers go through, visit here:



August 20, 2018


Karl Baty

No respect and compassion

August 20, 2018

We felt quite upset watching the series, because my partner and I are suffering from MECFS and mould sensitivity after severe mould poisoning. We are also aspiring filmmakers with solid background in media and entertainment industries. We believe that the filmmakers demonstrated no empathy and obviously misrepresented the situation and framed problems in such disrespectful way that it hurts. It feels like if the crew was disgusted and bored. In fact, documentary shows exactly how ignorant people perceive the problem and in this sense the crew did a great job in proving that those who suffer from unknown illnesses are viewed just as crazy people. Unfortunately, those filmmakers have no idea how much harm they caused and how their misrepresentation affects already vulnerable people. They must be ashamed and the film must be removed from the Netflix catalogue as a misleading and false piece of video.



August 20, 2018

A perverted, unethical spin offered through masterful editing, cross stitching effects, half stories, intended to be sold as reality television trash but striking too much of a nerve! The filmmakers had no idea that the vast community of folks afflicted with these illnesses will not take this slander without a fight back. I hope they can fix the mess they created for themselves and for those ill! Proud of all the folks in the film for their strength despite their most difficult circumstances!

Claudia Starkey

Humanity's Turning Point

August 20, 2018

How anyone can be surprised by Netfix appalling attack and smear campaign on the chronically ill disguised as a documentary. Utilizing patented tools of disinfo, pseudo professionals, ignoring real medical studies and testimonies, cutting out large sections of the interviews, cutting and pasting out of synchrony and context in order to intentionally guide the viewers opinion toward more mind controlling agendas that sick people are not sick….just CRAZY! Do u really believe that the CDC doesn’t know about the true facts on all these diseases? Cancer is a fungus that grows in an acidic, dark and moist environment. It’s favorite foods are sugar, carbs, alcohol, high fructose corn syrup, breads and grains….the Processed American Diet. Bread has tons of sugar nowadays! Why? Add in the hormones in dairy and cattle, heavy metals in the soil from MonsAtan’s Roundup, aka Glyphosate, and synthetic fertilizers, add aluminum, barium ad nauseum in chemtrails, and we have Agenda 21, depopulation by design. When will people realize that TV programming has and never will present accurate unbiased truth of anything. It has always been a tool of manipulation for mind control. When I was about 8, I questioned why ‘they’ spent obviously large amounts of money on all these shows, but gave it to us free! Nothing else was. My mom’s response was that they made lots of money from the sponsors. My BS meter went off! I know I was a strange kid, but TV was new in the 50’s, and my suspicious noggin said, “So who the hell paid for the research and development, and the communication set-ups, all the engineers and technicians just to entertain (zombify) America for free? There were like 3 channels, and just a few shows, all live…how much advertising revenue could they make?The ads were for expensive stuff, lots of new cars, modern appliance marvels like washer/dryers, dishwashers, lust inducing new carpeting, flooring, furniture: Things not frequently part of my or friend’s family’s budgets. We once, only once were the envy of the neighbors, with a brand new ’55 Olds. My lighthearted father suddenly changed into a somewhat paranoid scratch inspector, reacting to each new tiny ding as a personal affront, obviously expressions of the uncontrolled jealousy of the burgeoning bourgeois. Sadly, what had begun with swelling pride the day I was proudly dropped off at school in my toxic fumed new 2 toned steel behemoth, transformed “friends” into jealous bullies. The taunts were a cruel lesson about modern capitalism and the divide of the haves and the have nots. We didn’t live in a new car neighborhood; it was a symphony of beaters and broken mufflers. My once familiar and friendly peers reflecting their parents’ beliefs no longer accepted this new car affluence, or me, just an innocent kid. I was 7, hurt and lonely, so the library and an endless supply of books became my companions, and a new awareness of the endless barrage of, “Just a word from our sponsor.” and TV’s real agenda, not to mention really dumb, pointless shows. To this day, watching sports or game shows leaves me scratching my head. So, with lots of free time, I started listening to other people’s conversations. Grown ups believe kids don’t listen or comprehend their stuff, so I just quietly acted disinterested and dumb. Before TV, lots of kids used that strategy. Now, with All this portable tech, well, even the MDs are dumber than a pile of rocks. Brainwashing 24:7. So, if the cinema was a rare treat, why was TV free? Now we could veg out in our PJ’s every night and I could whine how boring and creepy Ed Sullivan was. Why was a hunchback hosting all these carnival freak acts? I know I went off on a long tangent, but folks, if Netflix eliminated all viewers comments; isn’t that an obvious attack on our ‘so called’ free speech. They thought the dumbed-down masses would swallow the Koolaid, but they also know we don’t talk in real life anymore. Most don’t listen or even care if we do. They know this. What are we going to do about this is the real issue here? Oh, if it’s the truth u seek; medically opposite their so called facts and recommendations. Exception: The cinema! The big screen is honest unfortunately. Large scale big budget futuristic predictive programming. Think of the old films we grew up with, especially the doomsday scenarios…epidemics, pandemics, computers, planned obsolescence, cover ups,whistleblowers, government corruption, computer tech ruling humanity, inflation, synthetic food, environmental catastrophes, weather manipulation, collapse of the dollar, space invaders (Sorry, yep)! If you threw out the damn idiot box, you’d figure out what was really going on b4 we’re all dead!

Stranger in a Strange Land

I also in fight and visible battle

August 20, 2018

I would love to be on the show and show people allow hard it is to get your feet on the floor after getting out of bed when they say oh it’s going to be okay I go in the emergency for medical they treat me as mental we have so many rights I want to sign a petition to keep this movie going I tried to get two newspapers and TV in Michigan and nobody will help me I can’t even go get medical service without them keeping me in the psych unit this is been going on since 2003


Don’t waste your time!

August 19, 2018

Absolutely horrible they way statements were taking out of context from the people in this ‘documentary’.


Totally dishonest, not worth watching!

August 19, 2018

I wanted to give a minus rating for this but had to give a 1. Due to the cut and paste editing by the producer the people in the series are misrepresented as having mental health issues. This is a clear case of abuse, I feel so strongly about this I am canceling Netflix.



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